54. Boggust Park

Boggust park

Boggust Park (thanks Google)

I got so lost just trying to find this one (had to pull over about 5 times to check the map) but once I arrived I found everything all laid out in front of me. Like Cemetery Crater and the Puhinui Craters, Boggust Park doesn’t appear in Hayward’s Auckland Volcanoes -The Essential Guide as it was only recognised as a volcano in 2011 the exact same year the book went to print and a mere one year after I originally devised a vague plan to explore all the volcanoes in Auckland.


My starting point

I parked right by this blockade on Otago Place and set out for the crest. It didn’t look very high at all from back here.


A gentle rise -only 8 metres at the highest point


Looking south-west, taking in the lay of the land


Basic playground on the north side of the crest


What’s that? An old tree stump?


The only bird life of note, not that it is or was ever alive


Pretty flash signage for a not very flash park

Down the hill I came and only then did I see this fancy sign. I’m glad I didn’t see it first or I would’ve been expecting to see some real proper birds (but what bird has that silhouette anyway? A quail?)

I would say there are no toilets here but now I can see a blue cubicle in the distance -it may not be a permanent fixture though.

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